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Senigallia (or Sinigaglia S'nigaja in the local dialect, name used until the beginning of twentieth century) is a city of 45,000 inhabitants, situated in the province of Ancona in the Marche region. Senigallia is the second largest municipality of the province for the population, after the capital Ancona. Along the Adriatic Sea, Senigallia is located on the coast; the prevalence of the territory of Senigallia is plain, but surrounded by sweet hills that degrade until the sea.

The city of Senigallia, where is situated Hotel Lori, is one of the main beach resorts of the Marche Region: the city every year recalls visitors from all parts of Italy and Europe; Senigallia have the well-known Velvet Beach. The Historical Centre, with Roman town planning, has religious architectures, civil and archaeological sites. Must be visited the Foro Annonario, the arcades Ercolani, Rocca Roveresca, Palazzo del Duca, Piazza Roma, Archaeological Area "Fenice", many churches and museums.

Senigallia is also known for important figures, some of them: Della Rovere dynasty, Pope Pius IX, Alfredo Panzini, Sergio Anselmi, Mario Giacomelli, Fabri Fibra, Mauro Uliassi, Moreno Cedroni.

Since 1997 Senigallia is awarded the Blue Flag award given by the FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education). The Blue Flag is awarded to the seaside resort as Senigallia that guarantee some properties, like the quality of bathing water, attention to environmental management, user information, facilities and safety beach.

Senigallia is a city full of events, nationally and internationally popular known.
One of the most attractive is Summer Jamboree, the international festival of american music and culture of the fifties: it takes place every year in August and attracts tourists from all Europe.

Since June 2006, Senigallia hosts Caterraduno: a summer event of the hugely popular radio show on Radio 2, Caterpillar, presented by Massimo Cirri and Filippo Solibello. The event recalls in Senigallia thousands of fans of the radio show. The event lasts one week and propose live radio broadcasts from the "Velvet Beach" with lots of musical events, variety shows and theatrical performances.

Other relevant summer events are Pane Nostrum, the Music Feast, the Fireworks show, Destate la Festa, the Fair of Senigallia.

First online newspaper of the city is Senigallia Notizie.

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